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Online Quranic Sciences Academy

Rs 123.00

  • Online Quranic Sciences Academy
  • Online Quranic Sciences Academy
  • Online Quranic Sciences Academy
Price : Rs 123.00
Date : 24/08/2020
Location :F10

Quranic Sciences Academy started functioning in 2015 as an online organization for teaching the Quranic Education. It is the leading Quranic Sciences Academy for those who are involved in the Quran and Holy Education. We offer Quran learning services in the form of distance courses. We have an extensive syllabus for Islamic studies too.
We are offering:
Noorani Qaidah
Quran e Pak Recitation (Nazra)
Tajweed or Recitation Rules
Hifz ul Quran (Memorization of Holy Quran)
Translation and Tafseer ul Quran
Understanding Hadith
Islamic History
Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul-e Fiqh)
Islamic Institutions (Political & Economical)
Comparative Religion
Tarbiyah of Kids
Spoken Arabic Language
Spoken English Language
Diploma in Islamic Education (1 Year)