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New product! 1064nm infrared laser cutting PCB circuit board

Rs 4,411.00

Price : Rs 4,411.00
Date : 23/11/2021
Location : 2nd Floor, Building M10, Central District, High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan Di

New product! 1064nm infrared laser cutting PCB circuit board


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PCB circuit boards are widely used in various electronic devices. Its complex panel information and numerous electronic routes make cutting more difficult, and it is possible to cut important routes with a little carelessness. In order to cut effective circuit boards faster and more efficiently, various manufacturers are looking for new ways. RFH is one of the companies with higher technology.

Infrared laser cutting PCB circuit board is to make customers feel relieved and comfortable

Mr. Liu, who purchased infrared lasers from RFH a year ago, recently paid a return visit to RFH to discuss new technical problems encountered in the PCB circuit board assembly line.

Mr. Liu said that he felt relieved and comfortable in the use of RFH infrared lasers for a year. In the past, cutting machines used blades. In addition to controlling the complicated operating table, they had to change the blades frequently and had to worry about whether the production quality was marked for a long time. RFH made these problems never appear again.

Low heat, high speed, no scorch for PCB separation, this is the RFH infrared laser

The RFH infrared laser uses infrared light spots to scratch the surface of the PCB circuit board. The ultra-high temperature instantly melts the panel and seals the parts that do not need to be cut, so that the cut material will not be scorched and deformed due to excessive thermal effects. Secondly,

The RFH infrared laser can operate continuously for 24 hours, and it can be used all the time only by plugging in. There is no need to replace materials at all, eliminating the cost of manual operation and refueling. In addition, infrared lasers do not produce smoke or dust during the cutting process, which is different from the pollution production of blade cutting, and it is a truly green technology.

RFH infrared laser

Mr. Liu came to RFH many times to exchange technical issues in one year, and RFH also promised to provide technical support for life. With the efforts of RFH and manufacturers, the industry trend is developing in a better and better direction.