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New Nebosh IG Course In Islamabad,Pakistan

Rs 95,000.00

  • New Nebosh IG Course In Islamabad,Pakistan
  • New Nebosh IG Course In Islamabad,Pakistan
  • New Nebosh IG Course In Islamabad,Pakistan
  • New Nebosh IG Course In Islamabad,Pakistan
Price : Rs 95,000.00
Date : 12/03/2020
Location : Flat # 6, Office # 2, Street # 43, Allah Wali Market F8/1

The New Nebosh IG Qualifications 

The New International General (IG) qualifications are the upgraded version of the old NEBOSH IGC qualifications.

With this update NEBOSH have streamlined the qualification, focusing on key knowledge that a manager with health and safety responsibilities is expected to know, making it more relevant to an actual job role and a more realistic stepping stone to a more senior post and qualification. NEBOSH have identified that the old qualification included overly complicated technical content, which was above the level required and not necessarily in line with current business needs.

The English language used within the new qualification has also been reviewed and the use of over-complicated terminology has been significantly reduced where possible.

Further Questions

We are really excited about the new syllabus as it enables our learners to apply their real-world knowledge learnt on the job towards their qualification. It gives new students the ability to gain confidence as they are already aware how to apply this knowledge.In the new syllabus, there are two units.


Element Assessment

1.Why we should manage workplace health and safety

Question paper

(one 20-mark question and ten 8-mark questions)

Unit IG1: Management of health and safety

2.How health and safety management systems work and what they look like

3.Managing risk – understanding people and processes

4.Health and safety monitoring and measuring

UNIT IG 2 Element Assessment

5. Physical and psychological health

 Practical assessment

Unit IG2: Risk assessment

6. Musculoskeletal health

7. Chemical and biological agents

8. General workplace issues

9. Work equipment

10. Fire

11. Electricity

IG1 – Management of health and safety – Theory paper – passing marks 45/100

IG2 – Risk Assessment – Practical unit.

Both IG1 and IG2 will be marked by NEBOSH.

IG/NG1 – Management of health and safety.

IG/NG2 – Risk Assessment – Practical unit.

Both of these units will be marked by NEBOSH and the first exam will be conducted on November 2019.

Some of the highlights of the new qualifications are:

Better for learners and employers.

produces credibility, capability, confidence and career progression.

Deep and thorough test of knowledge and application.

Learner friendly – in language that is easier to understand.

Addresses emerging topics in the workplace.

Based on what businesses needed their managers to know and do to better reflect the needs to today’s workplaces.

Streamlined syllabus representative of the role of the health and safety professional with greater emphasis on risk management.

Question paper assesses what they need to know and the practical risk assessment assesses what they can do.

Instantly adds value to employers and colleagues.

Don’t worry if you are on the old syllabus, you can seamlessly switch versions. You have your full course access time, up to 12 months to complete the exams, or alternatively, opt to sit examinations for the new syllabus.

Please Note: You cannot transfer credits earned in the old syllabus to the new syllabus. If you want to study the new syllabus you will have to start again and attempt both units.

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