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Karachi Pest Control/Fumigation & Water Tank Cleaning/Proofing Company

Rs 2,500.00

  • Karachi Pest Control/Fumigation & Water Tank Cleaning/Proofing Company
Price : Rs 2,500.00
Date : 21/08/2019
Location : Office # 302, 3rd Floor, H.M.H Square, Hassan Square, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

Bed Bug Treatment in Karachi for a Total Extermination

It can be tricky to spot a bed bug infestation as these creatures occupy small crevices, such as the ones provided by your bed and other pieces of furniture around your home.

Karachi Pest Control will be happy to help you deal with your problem, and make sure you and your family are safe. We offer a powerful bed bug treatment procedure that destroys the entire bed bug colony.


Termite inspections are the first step in the treatment process. After all, why fumigate your home if you don’t even know if you have termites?

You may have your home inspected as part of an impending home sale or because you suspect an infestation.

A professional inspector knows how to perform an inspection and will advise you if termites are discovered. Depending on the type of termites discovered, area of the infestation and size of the infestation, the inspector will provide you with a recommended treatment or several treatment options.

Cockroach Spray

Cockroaches appear to be all over the place and are precarious to control and treat as treatment is unique. Cockroaches are the most widely recognized bugs and are a well being danger too in light of the fact that they carry diarrhoea causing microscopic organisms.

Our Pest Control Professionals treat them by utilizing proficient cockroach control techniques which treat the pest infestation effectively. The most widely recognized zone to discover this issue is in the kitchen particularly around fridges, microwaves stoves and under sinks. Get reasonable, experienced and confirmed experts for Cockroach Control Karachi

Mosquito Fogging

We are so confident that our Spray & Fogging indoor and outdoor treatment is effective to control dengue mosquitoes. We want you have the peace of mind that you can enjoy an dengue free environment.

Water tank Cleaning


Once water is stored it is then open to the environment and therefore susceptible to contamination and degradation. This can allow conditions to develop which supports the growth of micro-organisms. To maintain water quality is very important regular inspection of water storage tanks and to clean and disinfect them if necessary.


We are a Legionella, Algae, Dirt, Sediment & Mud Removal company and therefore we are strictly audited on our work methodology and paper work documentation for all the services that we offer in relation to Legionella control.

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