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High-Efficiency Single-Screw Extruder

  • High-Efficiency Single-Screw Extruder
  • High-Efficiency Single-Screw Extruder
Date : 08/08/2020
Location :Sharif garden St 1 Machinery market Salamat pura Darogawala

High-Efficiency Single-Screw Extruder

Single screw extruder plays an important role in polymer processing operation. The basic principle of a single screw extruder is to heat, melt, mix, and convey the material to the die, where it is shaped into a pipe. Single screw extruder includes the barrel, a screw, motor drive system and a control system. Basic operations in single screw extruders are: Adding feedstock materials (fresh resin pallets + additives + recycle material + a color concentrate) to the hopper à Feedstock flows from hopper into the screw à Due to constantly turning screw at a predetermined speed with help of electric motor drive unit and gearbox, the material moves to melting section of screw à Push the melt out of the extruder in the shape of die through creating turbulent back pressure.

HITECH PLASTICS ENGINEERING in the cooperation with JINHU Group introduces the highly efficient single screw extruder that adopts latest German technology. The screw adopts the optimized composition of the separating screw and the mixing element, and the barrel adopts the optimized design of the grooved barrel and the extended feeding section. Combination of separate screw and grooved barrel leads to the following advantages:

Increase the extrusion output by optimizing the melting process of the material.

Material has achieved good homogenization by the help of determined shear action in the isolation gap.

Only particles smaller than the isolation gap can enter the melt channel.