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Guylian Shambry by Jeeva Textiles | Soft Cotton Fabric

Rs 1,966.00

  • Guylian Shambry by Jeeva Textiles | Soft Cotton Fabric
Price : Rs 1,966.00
Date : 18/07/2019
Location : Jodia Bazaar
Shambry soft cotton is one of the finest and most dense kind cloth which allows you to have a refined yet casual look that is extremely summer-friendly. The fabric is durable and sturdy but simultaneously flows as you move and is soft to the touch which you can wear at formal events giving you a classy look, making you feel great about yourself. Apart from making you feel light and keeping you cool in summer, it gives you the finest look helping you outshine generally.


Fabric Type: chambray cotton

Product Type: soft cotton

Colors Available: 11 colors, light and dark.

Standard Length of the cloth is 4.5-meter width(1.75 Yards length).

*Fabric is with 101 Days of Official Warranty:

Colour Got fade of fabric

The fabric got rough.

Bur on Fabric.

Fabric gets less or shrieked extra during the wash.

*Usage Instruction:

Do not give direct sunlight to the fabric.

Do not wash or use fabric in bleach.

Shambry Soft Cotton fabric should be washed separately from dark colors.

*Note: Shambry Cotton fabric color will vary 5% to 10% from actual image of the product. Each brand mobile will differ color of fabric as well. Generally, we believe in Customer Satisfaction. In brief, we give appropriate and complete information on fabric before the purchase.

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