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DMLT-Medical Lab Technician Diploma

  • DMLT-Medical Lab Technician Diploma
  • DMLT-Medical Lab Technician Diploma
  • DMLT-Medical Lab Technician Diploma
  • DMLT-Medical Lab Technician Diploma
  • DMLT-Medical Lab Technician Diploma
Date : 18/05/2019
Location : Khanna Pul Qadeer Khan KRL Road Rawalpindi
DMLT-Medical Lab Technician Diploma3035530865

Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS) 

Course details 

Medical Laboratory Technicians are trained to work under the supervision of a Technologist to conduct routine diagnostic tests, as well as set up, clean and maintain medical laboratory equipment. As a Medical Laboratory Technician, you will be responsible to draw blood, accept body fluid sample(s) and tissue specimen(s) from patients, as well as log patient samples and prepare them for testing.

 Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. As a Medical Laboratory Technician, you will perform laboratory procedures such as preparing specimens for testing, preparing culture media and stock solutions, and recognizing problems and errors in lab procedures. Medical Laboratory Technician use automated equipment and computerized instruments capable of performing a number of tests simultaneously, as well as microscopes, cell counters, and other sophisticated laboratory equipment. 

Clinical Lab Technician Diploma: 

These programs provide curricula that are singularly focused in medical laboratory and office procedures. These programs may include courses in the following:




•Medical terminology


•Computer applications in the laboratory

•Clinical Lab Technician Certificate

•These programs cover the various ways that lab workers analyze and process human tissue and fluid samples. These programs cover topics including the following:




•Cellular biotechnology

•Biotechnology computer programs

•Major components of study that form part of the DMLT Syllabus are:

•analysis of body matter such as:

•body fluids



•micro-organism screening.

•chemical analysis.

•cell count procedures that are used to detect certain diseases in patients.

•Such professionals are typically recruited as:

•Medical Lab Technicians


•They are responsible for:

•collecting information.

•sampling it.


•reporting and documenting their medical investigations

•conducting research studies supervised by medical researchers.

•maintaining report accuracy.

•conducting complex tests.

•performing routine tests under stipulated conditions.

•preparing specimens.

•operating automated sample-analyzing machines.

•arranging and setting up testing equipment.

•maintaining lab equipment.

•supervising experiments.

•maintaining tools and safe conditions.

•Such postgraduates of DMLT are actively involved in the following procedures:

•Blood banking

•Clinical Chemistry (chemical analysis of body fluids)

•Hematology (blood related)

•Immunology (study of immune system)

•Microbiology (study of bacteria and other disease-carrying organisms)

•Cytotechnology (study of human tissue)


•Urine analysis



•Blood Sample Matching

•Drug Efficacy Tests


•Successful Diploma-holders of the course perform duties such as:

•analyzing human body fluids like:




•drug count

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology [DMLT]: Career Prospects

In general, Medical Technicians are professionals who work across:

•X-ray labs

•dental hygiene

•medical emergency

•surgery-related help


•veterinary-related assistants.

Eligibility / Requirements

The course is an allied health/paramedical course that is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through clinical laboratory tests.

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Supervising Radiologic Technologist , Medical Manager Operating Theatres , Medical Delegate

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