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Corian Fabrication By NM

Rs 1,500.00

  • Corian Fabrication By NM
  • Corian Fabrication By NM
  • Corian Fabrication By NM
  • Corian Fabrication By NM
Price : Rs 1,500.00
Date : 29/09/2020
Location :G Block Dha POhase 1 Lahore

Corian Fabrication by NM

We are feeling proud to announce Corian countertop materials, now in your own city, for all the luxury enthusiasts looking forward to improving their lifestyles and searching for something more reliable.

The Corian can indulge you into a sensation of nobility by providing a luxurious touch to your kitchen and bathroom countertops, Banks, Mart, Shopping Center, Outlet Counter, Offices, School

Now you can have more unique, versatile, and shining countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms with the bestest feature of offering seamless joints between pieces of Corian.

We know the joints in other countertops get filled with debris after some time and are hard to fill but we assure you no more unhealthy joint gaps with Corian. It also let you give your countertop a premium and precise finished touch.

With its smooth surface, it repels the kitchen lightning and produces a soothing elite look for the peace of mind. You can literally play with colors and patterns if you choose Corian as your kitchen partner because it’s available in multiple colors with unique patterns to best match with the interior theme of your kitchen and bathrooms as well.

We feel haughty to state that Corian is highly durable and can get along with you for the year’s while prevailing the same surface quality as the new one. Even after years of use, you can make it looking newer and shinier just on a buff. It’s easy to clean and maintain as it doesn’t reside in the dust and stains. Corian can withstand sink and backsplash like a breeze. Cleaning the surface is super easy and doesn’t require much of the effort.

With Corian countertops, you can have stainless, neater, and fresh looking surfaces even without the irritating and tough-to-handle hard water stains for 24/7. This means, you can rest assured that your kitchen and bathrooms are now always cleaner and newer whenever someone visits.

With its great features, versatility of availability, high reliability, and assured durability,

Corian can imitate other countertop materials like marble and granite. You will love the finished look and will feel comfortable with least-demanding maintenance. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding Corian or its versatility and peace out with lavish looking countertops in your loving home.



•Counter Top

•Reception Top

•Pharmacy Counter Top

•Kitchen Counter Top

•Dining Table Top

•Furniture Edges

•Sofa Side Edges

•Washing Machine Box (Washroom Inside)

Available Brands Materiel

•L G

• Chinese

• Du Pont

• Hanes


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•National Bank

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