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Cartoon Animation Course

    Date : 23/10/2020
    Location :Narwala Chowk

    Cartoon Animation Course Contents:

    1:Essential Animation Skills

    Extracting frames

    Frame storage and naming

    Image file types

    Transparent layers

    Display frames on webpage

    Build Flash animation


    Create animation character artwork.

    Appropriate use of image layers.

    Create vector art using the Pen Tool.

    Convert vector to bitmap graphics

    Draw game scenery

    Create symbol library of artwork

    Animate artwork

    Export animation output using SWF

    and HTML file formats.

    3:Research Assignment

    Prepare a research assignment on

    the methods and equipment used in the

    production of cartoon animations.

    4:Individual Project

    Apply the skills developed during the

    semester to create one or more

    animations of your choice.

    5:Exploring Adobe Illustrator CS6

    Drawing Tools

    Draw arcs