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Best whitening cream for face and body

Rs 2,500.00

  • Best whitening cream for face and body
Price : Rs 2,500.00
Date : 28/04/2020
Location : lahore
Skin whitening:=

                             Skin whitening cream is designed to treat hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin in your skin. These cream can be used to smooth out age spots, acne, scars, and other discolorations resulting in even skin tone.


                       All ingredients in Gluta whitening cream are natural and safe for human skin. Powerful whitening ingredients

1: Alpha Arbutin

2: Glycol Acid

3: kojic Acid


             * Gluta whitening cream work from the inside, not any side effects. * Lightening your face and skin tone.

*Give skin glow

*Helps to make pores finer

*Helps to give you fresh skin pimples

How it helps for women:=

                 Gluta whitening cream helps you to get rid of eye circles, freckles, antiaging, pigmentation process, and dark spots.

How to apply:=

                           Wash your face with cool water and dry your skin then smoothly apply on your skin.


                      * Use the minimum amount once or twice a day.

*Avoid getting the cream on the surrounding skin in your eyes, mouth, and nose.

*only for external use.


             * After two-three weeks you see an amazing change in your skin tone.

*you got a pinkish and glowing complexion and nourishing skin.

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