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Auto Level “SEOP” (China) NA32

Rs 36,000.00

  • Auto Level “SEOP” (China) NA32
  • Auto Level “SEOP” (China) NA32
  • Auto Level “SEOP” (China) NA32
  • Auto Level “SEOP” (China) NA32
Price : Rs 36,000.00
Date : 02/08/2019
Location : S-1,24-C, Sunset Lane No.1, Phase II (ext) DHA
"SEOP" (China) Auto Level Model NA32 (Leica-Switzerland Designed) 


Air-dampened, wire-hung compensator with X wire Design can work more reliable and more adaptable against vibrations and shocks. 

Fine motion knobs on left and right sides with friction-braked rotation, endless horizontal drive. 

PENTA prism for easy bubble viewing. 

Excellent sealed structure for using in any weather conditions. 

5/8” X11 threads to fit standard tripod, suitable for both flat and dome head tripod.


Standard Deviation for 1km Double-run Leveling : 1.0mm

Telescope Magnification : 32X

Setting Accuracy: ±0.3

Telescope Image : Erect

Effective Aperture Size of Object Lens: 40mm

Field of View : 1°20

Shortest Sighting Distance : 0.65m

Multiplication Constant : 100

Additive Constant: 0

Compensator Type: X wire-hung and air-damping

Compensator Working range: ±15’

Accuracy of Circular Level: ±8′/2mm

Horizontal Circle: 360°or 400Gon optional